Friday, December 12, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Since the last post was a downer, I thought I'd give you something to smile about.

Wiggly says: "Merry Christmas, Everybody." Okay, well he really said: "A-goo, SQUEEEEAL, ahhh, ehhhhh." But in Wiggly-ese, we all know what he means.

Wiggly's very first Christmas. We had pictures done last Saturday. He was a trooper for the first few shots and then hated it. Silly department store photo studios. I don't know why they bother making appointments when it ends up being first come first serve anyway.

Whatever. The pictures turned out very well (although E said it looks like a godzilla baby in front of a very tiny fence!). Our Christmas cards will be going out next week. I'm so excited for his first Christmas and look forward to a few years when he'll start to understand and get excited, too! Hopefully we can get some santa pictures done, too.

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