Thursday, May 24, 2012

Light Years

Somewhere along the way, I stopped showing up to this blog. Sharing my thoughts. Putting things in words. Telling my stories. A dear friend pointed out she missed it. So, alas, I'm here again. I feel the pull, so I'm here.

How do I put into words the way life has changed and stayed the same. Days that tick by agonizingly slow and years that whiz by. I can't keep up. Time, sure is a tricky little dude.

So life. Eh? Since we last met...
I started a new job, I really, really loved.
Charlie turned 1

And then became a big brother (poor Oliver)

We welcomed sweet Oliver

Charlie turned 2

I got fired. Not my finest. I started my most favorite job in the world: stay at home mom. I wouldn't give back this time in a million years. These boys. My heart.

Oliver decided it was okay to turn 1, regardless of my opinion

My husband remained the best guy in the world (and dorkiest and goofiest...etc)

Charlie turned 3 and keeps getting cooler by the minute

I started working part time at an awesome baby store

Kept being a mom

Oliver turned 2 (seriously, stop it)

I got another part-time job. I'm giving it a chance. 

It's a nutshell. It's brief but it's a start, right? I will keep going. I will keep writing. I need this space. I've needed it for a long time. Maybe writing about it will help me not to forget. The moments. The days. 

I'm back.