Friday, December 12, 2008

Angel Baby

I'm utterly perplexed. Simply no understanding exists. How can you have a child, a beautiful little girl and do what this woman did?

The remains of a child have been found near Caylee Anthony's grandparents' home. I think we know who the little one is. It's Caylee. We know. They know. Can Casey's parents continue to believe their daughter had nothing to do with this? Claim complete innocence? How could they not have known?

I cried last night when I heard this. It's never an easy thing to hear someone has hurt or killed their child or any child, but this one has hit me harder. I think the world is all feeling this way. We've been following this story for months. Hoping beyond reason. Maybe she would be found. Okay. I think we knew the truth all along but didn't want to believe it. I'm not sure if it's harder now because I have my own, but I'm sure that is a factor.

In my imagination, I'm strangling Casey Anthony. Chinese water torture. Pulling her fingernails off one by one. Taping her eyelids shut so she can stare at pictures of Caylee all day long. I vehemently am opposed to the death penalty, but I believe Casey should be punished and reminded of what she has done for the rest of her life. I believe she will receive her just rewards when Saint Peter denies her entrance through the gates of Heaven. God sees all. I believe he forgives if you are truly repentant. But it doesn't mean I have to.

I pray and know Caylee is with God, where she belongs. But it's not fair. She had multiple decades of life in front of her. Her heartless bitch of a mother stole that from her. For what? A boyfriend? Freedom from responsibility? Why have a child? Why not let someone begging to be a parent raise her instead?

I work in the field of child protection. I know many parents make mistakes. This is not a mistake, it's murder. Willful. Purposeful. Ending of a life. A precious, new, beautiful life. I don't get it. It hurts to think about.

I would die for my son. No questions asked. Take me. Let him live. My greatest fear is someone hurting him. Wiggly not living well into old age. My husband says the same. I will never be able to understand cruelty of this nature. I feel it too much. I am overwrought with emotion today.
Rest in peace, baby Caylee Marie. May justice be served in your honor. May we always remember you and your spirit live on.
I'll never understand. Nor should I.

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