Monday, November 3, 2008

November Cometh

So fall is upon us. Daylight savings time made sure of that. I'm always sad to see the sun setting at 6pm but I still love this time of year. The air getting crisp. The smell of wood burning. A holiday season rapidly approaching. It's Wiggly's first fall. He won't remember it, but I hope I do for him. Chronicling these moments as they pass.

Halloween came and went. Wiggly was a monkey. He is afterall our little monkey boy (reminder to self to post a picture or two when I get the chance). Fussy for most of the evening, he didn't seem to relish in the holiday. We dressed him up, took him to my mom's, visited with two neighbors and my aunt. Then he fell asleep. He's only 4 months old. He'll have fun next year, hopefully.

November is going to be a tough month for my family. Jason and M should have been married on the 1st, but they're not. Thanksgiving dinner will be a little more empty without his presence at the table. We've lost a family member one by one these past few years. First great-grandma, then great-grandaddy and now Jason. Before that, years before I was born, my maternal grandparents perished. A mentally ill uncle whose whereabouts are rarely known and seldom seen. A baby nephew far away and a first Thanksgiving missed by us. My mother's family seems to get smaller as the years go by. Now two tiny members join our ranks, hopefully bringing some joy in through the veil of sadness. Belle and Wiggly, you are our bright stars.

Did I mention Ana should have been 28 this month? I'll have to devote a post to her. A few sentences will never suffice.

November. You're here. We were just beginning to heal.

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